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Augmented Vocality Blog

The blog for our AHRC-funded research project, Augmented Vocality: Recomposing the Sounds of Early Irish and Old Norse, is now up and running, thanks to the work of project research assistant Dr Joe Wright. During the project, different members of the research team will post articles about their work. Watch this space!

Working with Actors

In May 2021, the Augmented Vocality team worked with Irish and Icelandic actors to make spoken-word recordings of the poetry that we will analyse for the next phase of the project. More information about this phase of Augmented Vocality will soon be published on the project blog.

Sound and Music New Voices recording Sessions, Dance Development and Live Electronics

In the spring of 2021, work continued on my Different Islands composition project. The Ligeti Quartet recorded the work-in-progress in February, and Victor Fung (choreographer) worked with dancer Chloe Katherine Hillyar to develop the dance part of the project. Dr James Dooley worked on the development of the live electronics. More information about the project will soon be available via Sound and Music, the UK charity for new music, who have supported this work.


Augmented Vocality in the Press

The announcement of Augmentyed Vocality was widely covered in the media during late summer and early autumn. There were articles in the Guardian, Times, the Irish Times, the Irish Post, and BBC Northern Ireland.

Augmented Vocality Launch

Our Arts and Humanities research Council Project, Augmented Vocality, began on the 1st of November 2021. In time, a website and databases will be available. For now, key information and updates will be posted on the project blog, available via

'A Hard Road to Travel: Analysing Irish Traditional Flute Styles' with Dr Islah Ali-MacLachlan, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire/Birmingham City University.

'Player recognition for traditional Irish flute recordings using K-nearest neighbour classification' with Dr Ali Islah-MacLachlan and Alistair Jamieson.

Cohan Collective Phase 3

In July and August, 2020, I had the opportunity to collaborate (remotely) with choreographer Edd Mitton and a team of dancers and musicians. Thanks to the wonderful support of the Cohan Collective, we developed a 27-minute piece during this time.

Integra Lab Seminar and Portrait Concert, The Computer Music Studio, Anton Bruckner Private University, Linz, Austria

On the 21st of January 2020, Dr James Dooley and I presented a workshop and portrait concert, introducing the practice-based research in composition and electronics that we have undertaken at Integra Lab, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.



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