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Key interests include:

- voice, language and text in electroacoustic music

- composition with live electronics

- multilingual approaches to new music

- pedagogy


Practice-Based Research in Composition


As a composer first and foremost, much of my research is practice-based, in the form of musical compositions. In 2020, an exposition on practice-based research into voice, poetry and electroacoustic music was published in the Journal for Artistic Research and was subsequently a recipient of the Royal Musical Association Practice Research prize.

Royal Musical Association TiMP Study Group


In 2019, I and a group of researchers and performers founded TiMP (Technology in Musical Performance). TiMP is a study group with an annual symposium to bring together all who are interested in this field. I am currently chair of the TiMP committee. More information can be found at




In 2020, I began working with colleagues from across Birmingham City University to develop research in ethnomusicology. My primary focus is on Irish traditional flute styles, collaborating with Islah Ali-MacLachlan.


Other research interests include early medieval languages and literature of Britain, Ireland and Scandinavia, and musical composition in Ireland.


rIn addition to large-scale practice-based research projects, my current compositional interests and ongoing projects include:


- music for dance (supported from 2018–2022 by Sound and Music New Voices, the UK's talent development programme for composers).


- music with live electronics and/or fixed media


- opera  

Augmented Vocality: Panel Session co-presented with Lamberto Coccioli, Simon Hall and Joe Wright at the Royal Musical Association Conference, Nottingham University, on the 16th of September 2023.-

The Digital Archive as a Catalyst for Cross-Disciplinary Practice in Music,  co-authored and presented with Joe Wright, ICNMC Conference, Italy, 26th of March 2023.

A Hard Road to Travel: Analysing Irish Traditional Flute Styles, co-written and presented with Islah Ali-Maclachlan, Society for Musicology in Ireland Plenary Conference, University College Dublin (online), Friday 30th of October 2020.


Player Recognition for Traditional Irish Flute Recordings Using K-Nearest Neighbour Classification, co-written and presented with Islah Ali-MacLachlan and Alastair Jamieson, Timbre 2020 Conference, Thessaloniki, Greece (online), 4 September 2020.


Pouring Oil On To Troubled Waters? Alchemies of Choral Composition, Alchemies of Research Conference, PGR Studio, Birmingham City University, 5th of July 2019.


Ancient Texts – Contemporary Voices, The Multivalent Voice in Transcultural Music-Making, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, 13 April 2019.


In 2023, I contributed to Technology and Contemporary Classical Music: Methodologies in Practice-Based Research, a position paper published by the National Centre for Research Methods.


I make regular contributions to the contemporary music journal Tempo

Composition as Commentary: Voice and Poetry in Electroacoustic Music, Journal for Artistic Research, 20 (2020) [online exposition]


‘“A National School of Music Such as the World has Never Seen”: Re-appropriating the Early Twentieth Century into a Chronology of Irish Composition’ in Music and Identity in Ireland and Beyond, ed. by Mark Fitzgerald and John O’Flynn (Farnham: Ashgate, 2014), pp. 53–67.


Between 2008 and 2012, eight entries were commissioned for the Encyclopaedia of Music in Ireland (EMIR), ed. By Barra Boydell and Harry White (Dublin: UCD, 2013).



In 2020, I was the guest editor of two special issues of the journal Riffs, focusing on music and technology. My editorial for volume 4 issue 1 is available to read here, and volume 4 issue 2 can be read here.


I am also a peer reviewer for a number of contemporary music and musicology journals.


Since 2022, I have been a member of the AHRC Peer Review College. 




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