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Nottingham University Institute for Creative Practice - Guest Lecture

On Wednesday the 15th of November, two of the members of the Augmented Vocality project team (Lamberto Coccioli and Edmund Hunt) gave a lecture at the Institute for Creative Practice, University of Nottingham, focusing on the development of cross-disciplinary methodologies for artistic research in music.

Royal Musical Association Annual Conference

On Saturday the 16th of September, members of the Augmented Vocality project team (Lamberto Coccioli, Edmund Hunt, Joe Wright and Simon Hall) presented a themed session at the RMA annual conference at Nottingham University, UK.

Music Ex Machina: Methods and Methodologies for Technology-Centred Practice-Based Research in Music

On the 16th of June, Cyborg Soloists and the Royal Musical Association Technology in Musical Performance (TiMP) Study Group (chaired by Edmund Hunt) hosted a symposium at Royal Holloway University of London.

On Friday the 9th of June, two members of the Augmented Vocality project team (Edmund Hunt and Simon Hall) gave a paper at TU Conservatoire, Dublin, focusing on the use of Old and Middle Irish texts in contemporary composition.

Augmented Vocality in Hannover, April 2023

Break No More my Heart Today (soprano, baritone, ensemble and live electronics) was performed Elizabeth Hilliard (soprano), Rory Musgrave (baritone) and Das Neue Ensemble at 16.00 on Saturday the 22nd of April 2023, in Hannover, Germany.

Composers' Workshop, Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge, January 2023

Sound and Music New Voices

I've recently been working with Victor Fung (choreographer), Chloe Katherine Hillyar (dancer), the Ligeti Quartet and James Dooley (live electronics) to create a new work, Different Islands

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